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A rare and special thing ;-)

Wow, its months since I updated this thing!

Having a pretty good day today. Have been writing a new website for the Children's Fund of late, and it's taking ages to do! Today was good though... got loads of little niggly ghosts out of the machine... mostly they're problems with making the javascript and CSS work cross-browser. I now have FireFox, Netscape 6 and 7, IE6 and Opera 7.5 and 8.5 all working nicely :-D

Need to get Mozilla 1.7.12 and Netscape 8 installed and tested too. Sometime... actually, probably as soon as I finish this...

The next job is to hide all the scripting and other "modern" browser stuff from people with older and/or less capable (text-only for example) browsers and give them a nice and viable view of the site.... so its time to switch to PHP and extend my browser detection code a little bit.

In more general geekery, I'm getting a Silicon Graphics Indigo... a Cool'n'Funky Purple Brick (tm) !yay! and should also be upgrading my laptop memory to 512Mb... its soooo painful trying to run WinXP and do anything in 128Mb!

Oh, and I bought myself a Sun Ultra1 a couple of months back too... so now my SparcStation 2s are going to become a Beowulf cluster, possibly along with a P/133 if its possible to use different architecture and endian-ness machines for nodes... and before some smart-ass points it out, I know it'll be slow... that's not the point...!