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All change!

Well, it's about a month since my last entry on here, and it's been one of those up-and-downy kind of months...

Some *major* downs, like spending the first xmas in this house since my sister died (*very* difficult to keep expecting her to come bouncing in full of xmasness and stuff.... not sure I'm ever gonna get used to this place and her not being here, and this brought it back tenfold...). Couple that with a general downward bias to my state of mind since I've been back here, and throw in some other stuff, including a Great Big Shock(tm) that I can't really say much about since it involved other people and I don't feel I have the right to air their news publicly, and you end up with me being in about the worst state I've been in for a few years.

On the up side though, managed to meet up with Ellie for a bit just after xmas... was *lovely* to see her... and we *REALLY* need to work on this meeting-up-more-often thing... 18 months is a *little* bit of a long time between seeing each other! Also managed to spend nearly two weeks *not* at home... always good!

Have also been working on a new money making scheme... involving my friend Anne, eBay, IRL auctions and lots of stuff... managed to get our first set of auctions up over New Years... listed 35 or so things, sold 22 for ~105GBP... making a profit of about, oh, 80GBP! Pretty good start, even if I *do* say so myself!

And on the *really* up side of things, I'M GONNA GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

Yes, after 23 months of co-existance with my parents, I am *finally* getting the smeg out of here!

Basically, my friend Anne and her husband Chris, are renting a 2 bed semi-detached house with a nice-sized garage near to them, so that I can be down and around all the time... Means that I don't have to do the 'mad dash visits' I've been doing for the past year or two, saves us the cost of fuel (often 120pcm), plus the storage that their paying on their caravan (60pcm) and the cost of one of the two storage units that they have (another 120pcm... we're going to consolidate the two into one and the house+garage... they have furniture, including lots of bookcases stored atm). We're going to use the garage as a base for the eBay business... using all those bookcases as shelving, plus rigging up a reasonably permanent setup for photographing items, and so on... means that I can get the storage, photography, packing and shipping side of things organised... with In/Pending/Posted/Out shelves and so on... and the house I get to live in!!!!

I'm *so* looking forward to this! It's an old farm labourers cottage, a couple of hundred yards from the farm, a few more hundred from an industrial estate (which isn't visible from the cottage)... and my nearest neighbours (well, apart from the other half of the semi-) are the sheep in the field that butts up against my garden! Then there's a few cows around... but I'm a mile or so from the nearest village... it's *wonderful* *^_^*

Now we just have to wait for the credit check to come back as good.... everything else is approved... with luck, I move on the 22nd of January!

Hopefully this is a new start for me... I can concentrate on building something up that has a future, while continuing to work on the charity and Air Creations, and I'm a lot closer to most of my IRL friends than I have been for a while. But the biggest 'niceness' is that I won't be here, I won't be living 7/8s of the time in one pretty cramped 10x12ft room... I'll have my own space that I can use (atleast within reason) how I want... my own kitchen -drool- ... I think there is real potential for the eBay thing, and I am gonna give it my absolute best shot at making it work. So I have targets... the first is to sustain over 50GBP/week (I'm hoping this shouldn't be too hard, since the first auctions cleared 80GBP), the next is to get up to 900GPB/month (which will mean that in effect, the eBay venture can pay the rent, my food bills, etc and stop Anne and Chris having to find it). After that, well, I guess the sky is the limit... or atleast the time it takes to photograph, list and pack items is the limit... I'd love to get us into the situation of pulling in about 1000GPB/week... but that is going to mean me working on this like a 'proper' job... doing the photos, managing auctions/email, packing, posting, etc 5 days a week... and the auction management really needs me to look in on it every day.... so that's probably an hour or two of my 'off' days taken up too... but that's the kind of income I need us to get up to if I want to go private with the whole gender transition... I have no other way to find the money.... atleast if I have a good income, I can look into loans and so-on... at the moment, I have a few store-cards that are at 0 balance and my student loan which I believe is up at about 12,000... and I am not earning *anything*.... so I'm not even likely to get approved for the most pathetic credit card out there... let alone upto 100,000 (last time I knew a rough figure, it was about 70,000 including buying all the meds at true cost rather than getting NHS prescriptions) for the whole gender process....

Course, I'm also gonna have to do my own tax/NI, etc... so there's another headache!

Anyway, this has gotten rather long, and I can't be bothered lj-cutting it ;-) so I'm gonna stop writing instead!