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Am very tired.

Didn't sleep good last night, and had to wake up this morning to get my parcel... my net cards have arrived :-)

Been trying to write code today... it's not working for me :-(

Got my new glasses though.... gonna take some getting used to cos they're a total change, a different shape, and much less glass... they're sort of rectangular, rounded and stuff, but that's the basics... and i'm used to almost round ones...
i think that's the problem i'm having with them, atleast in the plain lens.. the tinted ones are fine, but the plain glass looks sort of, not *quite* in focus.

we'll see tomorrow when i've not been wearing the old ones all day and my eyes are rested.

as i said, i'm tired. my brain don't wanna work, so i'm gonna stop writing now and go to sleep.


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