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Oh my... -shudder-

I've just been channel surfing around and started watching something on BBC2 about The Entertainer toy shops. A group of kids who like Harry Potter were asking the boss of the company why he wouldn't sell Harry Potter products. He stated that although he agreed that there were good things about HP, like friendship and so on, his reason for not stocking the merchandise was "You can't conquer evil with evil. It is impossible for a white witch to be any less evil than a black witch."

I don't dispute his right not to stock the product if he doesn't want to.

I also don't dispute his right to hold his own religious believes (fyi, Christianity... i'm not gonna make any comment about the particular denomination because I'm not 100% sure of it).

But to come out and tell children aged, oh, probably 9 or 10 that the heroes of their favourite stories are evil?

I'm still in shock at that.

I *am* also angry that essentially this guy is slamming my beliefs in a manner that is reminiscent of a few hundred years ago.

But I'm *fuming* about his behaviour towards those children. If you are going to put your religious view across to over people, especially children, take the time to think out how to say what you want and make the effort not to be insulting or degrading about it.

I for one am NOT shopping in The Entertainer ever again.


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1st Dec, 2004 15:21 (UTC)
Some people are just sick in the head. Harry Potter? The epitome of evil?

And those poor kids ...

(Trots off to find the most recent Potter DVD - HP & the Prisoner of Unflushed Pan - and put it on for her gaggle of tiny children.)

Never heard of The Entertainer toy shops anyway, so not much danger of ever shopping there! That loser!

Cat x
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