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In response to Airneail's posting...

In response to airneail , posting, since I don't seem to be in her friend's list anymore :-(

The problem with that is... there's four years or so of Fuckbya's "leadership" to live through before that's even possible... and even then, its not gonna be him that's up for the vote... unless somehow he manages to make an ammendment to scrap the whole 2-terms limit...

Course... leaving has its problems too.... I mean, if you come to Britain, you have to live with Blair.... and we don't even *have* limitations on the number of terms a Prime Minister can be in power... look at Mrs Thatcher... she was in for *ages*... and even after she went, we still had the Tory's in control... who knows how long Blair will keep going, even tho he has apparently said he'll only serve half of his next term if he gets re-elected (and that's still fairly bloody likely)...

And lets face it, nowhere is exactly *safe* now... if other countries are as "well prepared" as the british security services, then anyone can get into Parliament or any old Royal palace and do pretty much what they please... both the House of Commons and Buckingham Palace have had major security breaches in the past year.

Goddess help us all.

Can someone please stop the world, I wanna get off... I don't like this ride no more!