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Not doing good :-(

This past few weeks have not been good, and it doesn't look set to improve in the near future. My focus is all gone, i'm barely eating, hardly drinking, hardly sleeping, and doing stuff is so draining it's untrue.

I can't find anything really to feel hopeful about... it just seems i'm stuck in the same mess as always... indeed, its probably worse now than before. too much stuff going on around me... people moving on and up and leaving my slumped here in this pitiful state.

its not good. i'm no good. i can't do this. can't keep fighting when there's no bottom left in my world.


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13th Oct, 2004 15:44 (UTC)
and you know i am alaways here for you!
i've been where you are now, honest.
i care very much about you.
13th Oct, 2004 20:26 (UTC)
*hugs* If you need to run away come down and stay. Still care lots and always will.
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