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B*$#*#$! M*$#*#F*#$*#!

Well *yay*

I'm having such a good day


The software I've been slogging my guts out to get done for the past month and a bit now is unwanted.

The guy has decided to go with something else... and how do I find out? I look at his bloody website... the one I was supposed to be developing to his visual design... the one he turned around a week before the due date and told me to "not worry about it" in a goddamn SMS text message... the one he stuck up something looking entirely different to... and which *had* had a note saying that a shopping system was coming soon on it... well the note is now gone and there's a Login box in it's place... and it's not a dummy form... atleast not entirely... there's an action set on the form tag, so it's doing something. I'm not gonna try it to see what.

It was nice of the f*cker to *tell* me now wasn't it...

I missed practically everything at Glastonbury to work on this damn thing. I spent a month *making* myself write code for 8-12hours a day so it would be ready and work and would be truly kick*ass*... a bespoke system that did everything he wanted... not just a simple shopping basket, but a system with "favourites," a decent user management system, the ability to be extended fairly easily to add new, even entirely unrelated features, in the end building so that there'd be a website management system as well as the shop aspect...

This is why I could easily grow to *hate* people.

I mean, I thought he'd shown great faith in me by allowing me to do this thing for him. And he even stuck with me while I had a wibble early in the year... he didn't turn around then and tell me not to bother... he waited till about a week before the launch date and sent me a f*ckin *text*!

I'm not sure which emotion I'm feeling more, anger or upset-ness...

And I managed to delude myself that this could be a *good* working arrangement... he'd do the visual design for sites and I'd implement them...