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Wow, two months and no postings...!

Well, two months to the day since I last posted... *gosh*!

I've been *busy*... and trying to get over a block of depression too... the depression seems to be coming back under control, with the help of prozac... my concentration is something-like again and i'm sleeping a *little* bit...

The busy-bee-ness is due to all sorts of things; trying to write code for a project I got involved with, trying to work on various websites and also trying to help sort out the behind-the-scenes planning for the Charity launch event, which should have been today but has been postponed; there was *no* way we were going to be ready, especially with the code I was trying to get written and a cancer scare for Anne (the lady who's charity it is)... luckily the scare was nothing, just scarring and lesions [sp] from her masectomy last July, but it was a bit harrowing!

Oh, did I forget something? Yep, Glastonbury Festival!

The bits I *saw* were great... Muse sounded pretty dosh-garn good and Bill Bailey was *v* funny *^_^*... but this is the most tired I've ever been after Glasto, and I didn't see much Festival. I was busy writing code (see? told ya I'd been busy on it!)... I *did* get to spend quite a lot of money in the markets though, so I have some nice new stuff -giggle- shopping *so* rox at the Festival *^_^*

Anyway, I'm not gonna type anymore in this entry. I might post another one later with some more stuff in it, like a moan about people not communicating....