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So, I'm back in bristol....

it's been a *long* day... traffic was ok, but the drive took a lot out of me.... being very tired and not sleeping much over the weekend hasn't helped that... i've been having to concentrate *hard* to stay with it.... still, 200ish miles in 2:40 with a ten minute or more stop, and traffic being worse after the stop... not too bad... not quite my best, but then i needed to go pee....

i'm glad to be out of my parents house... i mean, i kinda miss being there sometimes.. it's nice to get dinner cooked for you and stuff, but there's too much stuff floating around the place.. too many memories and stuff...

and then there's my sister's room.... like i said yesterday in that slightly long entry, it's weird to see.... most of the house is different, but my sister's door is never closed all the way, you can always see the edge of her Fievel carpet... and i think the fact that everything else has changes so *much* makes that seem even more poignant, because it's sort of *stuck*... it's become static, while the rest of the house has remained fluid and dynamic.

i'm out of it now.


I'll be better by tomorrow... hopefully i'll sleep tonight, and i'm not in the house anymore, so the stimulus to all the depressy bits of ther last couple of days is at a much greater distance.

i'm so *tired*. I've gotta go to bed. it's ten to midnight now... think i'll call it a night and go ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......................!

Sarah, if you read this, thank you for talking last night. I love you.