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Recent events

So where do I start...?

OK, I was supposed to drive over to sheffield on sunday afternoon to check out a couple of my aunty's PCs... one of them is having trouble with something and the other wants to get broadband... so the plan was to sort out the problems and then check out the PC to make sure it was kitted out to handle broadband... usb, no ridiculously long phone cabling, etc..

Anyway, i set off after lunch to drive over. About 5 minutes after setting off, I was involved in a road traffic accident.

I broke my sternum (breast bone), which is really rather painful... just about every movement I make causes it to twinge... evn breathing deeply can be painful.

Apart from that, I got off pretty lightly ... hurt my wrist a bit... grazed it, cut if and the whole thing is quite painful... it doesn't like me using it beyond it's center of movement...

[EDIT]Other injuries sustained include a cut in my tongue requiring three stitches and a seriously bitten lip that's really swollen and painful... especially aas it's swollen enough to be pulling against my lip bar and embedding the base of it into my lip; i daren't take it out in case it heals closed. I was thinking of trying to get some sterilemicrofilamment wire and put that through instead, but i half took it out and the outside closed up very tight... i don't think i'd've gotten the wire back through the hole... and i love my piercing, so i'll suffer the owwieness![/EDIT]

The rest of me is pretty much ok; bruised and bumped in places, and still quite achy all over.

I've been in hospital since sunday when it happened; the impact that broke my sternum did some wierd stuff to my heart... something they call "AF" (can't remember what the 'A' is for, but the F is Fibrilation)... means that my heartrate was massively elevated; 180bpm or there about. It stayed at that kind of rate for quite a few hours, settling down, to something like normal by about 8pm. It was also not doing what your pulse normally do, where it gets quicker and slower in sync with your repiratory rate; it was all over the place. Again, this settled on the evening.

I was on a heart monitor until midnight that night.

They kept me in after that for two reasons, the first was to be assessed by a cardiologist, the second was to sort out pain management (iow, the dosages of the various pain killers I'm on).

The cardiologist wanted to make sure everything was ok and so ordered an 'echo' (an ultrasound of the heart) to check things out. This took a couple of days to happen.

Meanwhile, I was being medicated to get the pain under control.

I would have been out of hospital on wednesday after the echo was done, except that the pain came on quite strongly in the evening, so I had to ask for a further dose of morphine to get it back to reasonable levels.

I've been out since yesterday at about 4pm.

I'm feeling reasonably ok... the pain isn't as bad as it was, but then i'm taking three different types of medication throughout the day; 8 big paracetamol tablets (500mg I think), plus two other pain killers, which are both stronger than the paracatemols... i'm taking something like 15 tables a day.

The break isn't cast or restrained or anything like that; they just leave it to get on with healing in it's own way... so it's more painful that most breaks, which are reasonably immobile... they expect it will tke 5-6weeks to heal. I'm to keep taking the pain meds for that time.

I can't drive or lift anything for that period, and obviously alcohol, etc are out.

Hopefully I won't be in pain by the time my birthday rolls around in a week and a bit.

Anyway, I'm gonna go.



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19th Mar, 2004 14:12 (UTC)
goddam! glad to hear you're ok and best wishes for your recovery. *hugs*
19th Mar, 2004 14:26 (UTC)
thanx hunny *^_^*

just don't hug too tight, k? ;-)

how is the CGI prob?

19th Mar, 2004 15:30 (UTC)
how is the CGI prob?

i've set it aside for now :-/

i was able to generate the error log, but i can't figure out how to get it into a text file on a floppy disk.
19th Mar, 2004 16:10 (UTC)
ah. sorry i haven't helped hun. problem from my point of view is it's quite hard to advise you without knowing what kind of access, etc you've got :-(

can you not just ftp the log off the box or something, rather than using a floppy?

BTW, i think that's definitely one of the most innovative uses of cdrom audio cables i've seen :-)
( 4 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )