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The are the days of our.. um, geek?

sheesh... code, code and code; almost the only thing i see at the moment is code of some sort or another, be it java, perl, php, javascript, xhtml, css or vbscript (ok, that last ones nearly code ;-))

lots of different things on the boil means lots and lots of time spent lying on my bed typing for hours and hours, and drinking too much coffee (i'm trying to not do this, but it's automatic... go geek => drink coffee).

I get to spend tomorrow writing a specification doc (um, whew-hew!(?))... once that's done and approved, i get to start writing a nice big PHP thing, so that'll be fun. Still, should get paid for it, and it'll be good CV-material :-)

Two weeks and, wow, 1 day now, atleast on a purely date-based calculation, and lil ole me'll be 27 years of the agedness!

I figure this has something to do with the useless-feeling-ness of late; I would like to get to spend atleast a *little* bit of being twenty-somethink as post-op... i mean, is that too much to ask? And time is getting short for that. Hell, if I have to wait for the bloody NHS to start me off, I'll be 30 before I *START* hormones.

Anyway, trying to be positive. The coding today went well; i acheived the task i set myself for today and applied it to almost the entire site on which it's supposed to run. There's just one (heavily server-side coded) page on which the extra few lines of drop-in code to enable the changes are not doing what I want... and that page isn't essential, so it can wait a little while.

Going down to bristol this coming thursday, should hopefully be going to Subspecies at the Hatchet on saturday the 20th... should be a giggle... not that I have a clue about the bristol scene these days, and it's a little hardwork to find out whether a night is any good when all you have is net access to a few online resources... it calls itself Bristol's Darkest Goth Club... so we shall see... atleast the old playlists sound fun :-)

I'm so upset... All About Eve are playing in Bristol on April 15th, and I can't afford to go see them. I haven't even dared depress myself further by finding out any other venues... £12.50/ticket might not sound like a lot, but I don't have an infinite pool of money to fish in, mores the pity... my pot is pretty empty, and after my birthday will most likely be worse.

Anyway, it's 2:50am... i'm tired and sleepy... and i have lots to do other the weekend... so i'm gonna go try and sleep.