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General: *knackered*

omg! i'm *so knackered now... i've been pulling computers around left right and center; i forget how tight the space is around them... it's not really person-sized, so i've been squeezing down the side of the benches the computers sit on top of, and under, to be able to reach to the cabling behing... atleast i did a good job with that... all of it is fairly neat, and it stays where it's put, so no hunting around when you're stretched and curved in the supremely unnatural contortions i was in!

the NT machines 1st hdd is now a single 1.7Gb partition using the whole disk, rather than the 900Mb i was before. I have yet to see if this will boot, i'm waiting to have the 7Gb drive out of the linux box hooked up before that particular comedic episode ensues. The old 1Gb drive that the 7Gb is replacing is now sat temporarily as a seconday master so I can pull it's data across to the 7Gb before finally pulling it out and storing it someplace safe for future resurrection in another mad project!

the old w2k system now has a brand spanking new 40Gb drive in it awaiting formatting, etc.

all that's left now is those last few backups in linux, and then the big job starts.