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General: update

last few days have been a bit busy...

moving data between machines, running backups to DLT, etc has meant that my days have been cut up into small chunks of a couple of hours before i change tape and start the next lot running or erase the contents of a filesystem and fill it up again over the network.

alot of it is done; there are two more tapes to do cos i'm doing two copies of each filesystem, so in effect, i'm down to one filesystem that needs to be done now.

i also need to go through and get stuff like dns zone files, the redhat installer kickstart file and other similar stuff backed up to ZIP disk and/or floppy.

the w2k box is done and i really should power it down and pull the HDD out tonight... oh, and it occurs to me that it would save me effort to put the new one *in* at the same time... i'd have felt really silly to figure that out once the box is back in its hole... -doh!-

that opens up the possibility of sorting out the reallocation of diskspace on the NT Server's 1st drive by dropping the HDD into the w2k machine and using Partition Magic (which has never managed to run on the NT box, but then, its a 486/dx4-120... it'd probably take forever to do anything anyway!)

That'd be one less job to do in the manic-day tomorrow. So it sounds like a plan :-)

In other news, the charity I'm helping set up has now raised over a thousand pounds!!! in about a month too, so that's not too bad. The Charities Commission like you to prove you can raise money before you apply for charity status, by raising atleast a grand, so we're one step closer to being registered... and we have all the trustees and things sorted out now too, so that's two steps done :-)

Anyway, I'm gonna go... I got a Yoga instructional set thing for xmas and I'm gonna try get into doing it... starting with the simple stuff; just the warm up and relaxation stuff to begin with until my poor old achy body gets used to me making it stretch and bend!