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-bounce- new bits!!!!!!!!

I got a parcel this morning -grin-

I like parcels!

In my parcel I received 200Gb of new hard disk space.

2x80Gb and 1x40Gb Maxtor drives.

I now have the wherewithall to shuffle all my machines around and get some more diskspace on my LAN... cos it's all pretty much full :-(

Of the working, in-use, PC hard-drives, I have a total of 62.1Gb, I'm using about 75% of that, and I'm borrowing a further 6.5Gb of my mum's HD... which would, if it were reintroduced to my systems, drag the usage up to about 85%... add to that the stuff I've pulled off systems in order to make space and you start to see the problem...

So I figured that while I had a bit of money, I'd buy enough diskspace to last me a while... re-organise things a bit too... and change the use of one of the boxes a little at the same time.

So now I have a load of backups to make, and then the fun really starts... first up, installing a fresh Windows 2000 system, then a fresh Linux system, and then restoring the tapes...


This is fun!