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Today I:

  • Applied for 2 jobs:
    • Computer Associate, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge
    • IT Support Technician, COmputer Services, University of Bath

  • Built some bits of software on Chiark:
    • expat-1.95.7, an XML Parser in C
    • XML-Parser-2.34, a Perl module that uses expat
    • Frontier-RPC-0.07b4, a Perl module for XML RPC that uses XML-Parser

  • Had salmon, rice and tir-fried veggies for dinner and overall, had a caffeine-free day :-)

  • Started working on my new website design in a little more detail, including starting to work out this x-poster gizmo


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22nd Jan, 2004 15:28 (UTC)
Sounds like a pretty productive day. Glad to see you back BTW. *hugs* (I'm crap at keeping in touch, for which sorry)
22nd Jan, 2004 16:44 (UTC)
oh hush! do you see me being any better?

i even had an xmas card sat waiting for me to write for you, then i went away for a couple of days and ended up spending xmas away... and the card is still sat on my ToDo pile!


I've decided I'm gonna try and use LJ in a more productive way than just bemoaning crappiness; so I should stay more active :-)
( 2 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )