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Depression update

Had a nastly glitch before xmas, due to having to go to some government 'New Deal' scheme that screwed me up quite nicely... sitting aroun for 6 hours a day in a room with people bemoaning their being there and how terrible the world is, etc... and doing not-a-lot towards actually getting a job really got to me; and the walk in on the morning and back out again in the evening down the side of a very busy road just made the whole episode idiotically scary.

So I'm signed off sick at the mo... still looking for work, but this means I don't have to attend the scheme thing :-)

The depression seems to have settled down again now; i'm a bit more on top than i was. I don't think I could cope with being in a situation where there's nothing really that can be said to be positive happening though...

But I'm not on antidepressents. And I'm hoping that I'll be able to get access to some form of counselling through CMH; help me sort out ways to cope a little better than I do... but I daren't hold my breathe over that one, since I've already been told that the CMH people think counselling may be "too stressful" for me to cope with! To be honest, if it helps me not to loose the plot, even if it's a bit traumatic, I'd rather be doing it... so I'm going to bring it up with the psychiatrist and see what he thinks.


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22nd Jan, 2004 16:20 (UTC)
Hang in there sweetie.
I hope you do get the help you need soon.

I know the anti-depressents have greatly helped me.
22nd Jan, 2004 16:42 (UTC)
Hi hunny -hugs-


I meant to say that I'm actually trying to not go back on to anti-depressents; I just seem to go through cycles of okish, screwed up, serious mess, anti-depressents, and back to okish... which, while it's sortof ok, doesn't seem *right*...

I want to try and sort out some of the *issues* and deal with stuff better, rather than falling back on chemical support every other year like i have for the past 8 years....
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