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Transition update

In some ways, not a lot to say on where transition is at... in other ways, loads.

Transition, from the perspective of actually having any real changes is at a stand-still.

However, I had an appointment with a community mental health (CMH) nurse back around the solstice (i mentioned that in an earlier post)... and things are moving... the wheels are starting to turn :-)

I now have another appointment, this time with a psychiatrist, on February 17th. This one is to sort out a referal to the Gender Identity Clinic in Leeds which, while part of CMH, require a referal from both your General Practitioner (no problem with that, I have a nice doctor who's perfectly happy to do it :-)) and a general psychiatrist (the idea being that they say your not actually nuts and that this isn't a case of schizophrenia or something, rather than gender dystrophy. So roll on the 17th!

I'm about 50-50 terrified and excited... positive attitude and all, i still think i'm entitled to be nervous... there's so much riding on this.