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Projects update

So I have a few projects on the simmer at the mo.
  • There are three different websites I'm working on for Anne; one for her new charitible trust, one for her Coral Reef project and the original one for Air Creations. That list is in order of priority; the charity is now the one that needs to be done soonest, and it actually is getting very close now :-)

  • There are the various revamps to bits'n'pieces that I'm doing, such as LJ, my WWW site, etc which, in themselves, contain a few other projects:
    • A xposter for journal entries so I can have WWWSite-styled entries on the WWWSite and I still have things working in LJ - so that's gonna be a Perl CGI that can use XML-RPM to update LJ and outputs text to a local directory tree data structure for the WWSite stuff and will have a 'draft' capability too... cos I always end up with 'lj.txt' files lying around when I'm building an entry during the day...
    • The output CGI for the WWWSite data structure so that the entries can actually be viewed on the WWWSite
    • The 'SiteWrite' program I started ages ago in PHP needs to be ported to Perl, and probably redesigned quite a bit too so as to be modular
    • I have a 3D graphic for my site's logo to build and then I want to take it through Poser and try to animate it

  • Once I get the sites for Anne done, there's a 'backend' to build to make site management a doddle... probably a Java client and a Perl CGI... and I may use XML RPC if I get on well with it writing the LJ updater

  • There are (of course) loads of different computer lanaguages I want to write... as always... I even have books (and i even started a few of them...)... I need to focus a little and start moving through that stuff a bit better

And I think that that's about it!