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Keeping busy...

The last few days have been a case of keeping myself over-occupied.

So what *have* I done?


For Air Creations, I've spent time:
  • Working on javascript and PHP for the main navigation panel,

  • Working on program design and on background Java for the Charitys site that's part of the same project (I have an animation applet to write and I've been reading up on how to do that in Java),

  • And I spent most of yesterday working on this guy:

    [Merlin the Wizard]

    Who I'm really rather proud of, especially as I can't normally draw... :-)

I've also spent a lot of time working out what I'm going to do with the various computers that are currently either lying around non-functional, or are in a sorry state....

This involved quite a lot of reading....especially info on SGI systems.

The plan currently is to have a SparcStation 2 as a Solaris system, a SparcStation 2 as a BSD box (openBSD/sparc or netBSD/sparc, not sure which yet), an IRIX 6.2 system on the Indigo 2 (which may require one or two new drives :-( ) and then there's the Indigo...

Now, I need to find a keyboard (and possibly a mouse) to go on the Indigo, since they allegedly don't use the same keyboards as Indigo 2s (which I believe are PS/2, so any modern PC keyboard would do); I seem to have misplaced the beige SGI keyboard that probably would have worked....

And when I get a keybaord, what am I gonna do with it? Well, that's a bit of a toss up... There's IRIX 5.3, which would run on it, but I'm not sure about having two IRIX boxes, even if they are different versions - but the Indigo *is* an XS24, so it's got *good* graphics (esp. for a 10 year old computer....) and it *might* be good to do, but the Indigo probably has the same (I need to look...) and is certainly more powerful being a 100MHz R4000 atleast, rather than a 33MHz R3000, *OR*, there's the Officially Mad Idea (tm), which is to get the SGI port of Linux, which currently is Indy and Indigo 2, to run on the Indigo....

As I said, it's an Officially Mad Idea (tm)... which is kinda why it appeals.

It's also gotta invole a *HELL* of a lot of work.........................................

I supposed a third option would be to run IRIX 5.3 on the Indigo and put SGI Linux on the Indigo 2, but there's no *fun* in that; Linux (almost) works on the Indigo 2!

And the systems that aren't 100% well atm, well, the W2K box as a workstation is now surplus, since I'm using the laptop for everything that it used to do. The Linux box has *seriously* screwed up library files... all sorts of version errors in there and a lot of missing things... and the disk allocation is *crap*, oh, and it's running out of disk space and I'm getting a DLT 15/30 in the next few days that needs to go in there too... and the NT4 PDC, well, that needs more 'C' drive.... so the plan is to buy a couple of 40Gb drives. One will replace the HDD in the W2K box, which will then get W2K Server installed (*if* my copy works - I've never tried it) and BackOffice Developer Edition (not an up-to-date version of BackOffice, the one with Exchange 5.5 I *think*). The other 40Gb, plus the 20Gb that came out of the W2K box will go in the Linux box, which will keep the 12Gb that's currently in there. That'll then get repartitioned and reinstalled from scratch with a much more sensible disk layout. Either the 7Gb disk or the 8.4Gb disk that was in the Linux box will get added to the NT4PDC. This will then get it's drives shuffled around, so as to have the 'C' drive take up the whole drive instead of just 1Gb. The 1Gb drive that's in there will stay and will get the FirstClass PostOffice put on it, and the 'new' disk will get the MacFile share, the InetPub tree and a Windows share put on it. The drive that doesn't get used in the PDC will get stored or passed on to a friend who I think wants a bigger drive.

<breathes deeply>

Is that confusing enough for you? It sure as hell tied *me* in knots while I was figuring it all out... especially as I've also worked out the partitioning for the Linux system.

Oh, just to add to the fun, to resize the NT4PDC 'C' drive, I have to put the drive into one of the other PCs. PartitionMagic won't run on that box... maybe it's cos it's a 486 or something... I dunno... it chugs away at the floppy, then freezes up... so that just adds to the big pile of 'fun' that these changes are going to be.

And to make it more complex, I want to do this without spending a mint... cos I'm unemployed, and mints are hard to come by when you are in that position...

<ponders> What else have I done recently.... hmmm...

Oh yeah, I bought me a Sinclair 48k Spectrum :-D

For 10 quid :-)

Course, when I get a Speccy again, I may end up not doing anything except playing on it for a long time ;-)

And I (finally) fixed my bed. After a year or more.

It had a broken slat at the bottom end. It's had it for a very long time.

Well now it has a reinforced slat. Which was 'fun'... my back is now giving me grief over being laid-out with my head and torso inside the chassis of a divan bed, my back arched backward over part of the frame and my legs sticking out of the hole that one of the drawers goes in. I was in there (on and off cos otherwise I'd have *never* been able to get out) for an hour and a bit...

The job is now done. And i'm *so* glad I don't have to do it again.

Oh, two final things I've done.

One, which is another long-standing niggly job, I've moved the speakers around and sorted all the audio out on the machines in the computer room... so now the surround-sound on the W2K box sounds right and the Linux box is now hooked up to the line-in on the PDC which is hooked up to speakers, and all the levels are set so that neither is over-powering the other and neither is distorting. This simple-sounding task has taken a couple of hours, partly due to the sheer volume of *wire* in there, and partly due to my already unhappy back complaining strenuously while I was working on it, and partly cos it took a long time to sort out the levels on the Linux and NT boxes.

Two, I sorted out my local DNS. At some point in the past, I've done a bodgy quick-and-dirty upgrade to RedHat and it's made a mess of the system... I think this is what caused the library *mess*, which I'm not even going to *look* at... it's in too much of a state when I'm planning to erase-and-replace... but then there's the problem of only having *some* of the settings in /etc/named.conf... like having the name resolve zone in there, but not the in-addr-arpa zone.... *not* good... there's been a few 'weirdnesses' on the network since I started using the local DNS again recently, and it seems that this was the cause... cos things are working *much* better now :-)

And that's about it on the 'what i've done recently' front... kept busy, avoided thinking, *made* myself do stuff...

So far it's working... I'm not thinking about *too* much bad stuff... enough to not be happy, but not enough to be in any particular danger.

Course, Friday looms large on the horizon... things may all go to hell when I run into it. Who knows..?

I, sure as eggs is eggs, don't.