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Well that's two done...

Two job apps done:
Two down, three to go, and a newspaper to check. I'm not sure I'm up to doing many, or even any, more of these today though... Although I almost managed to spark into being enthusiastic for a moment or two on the Software Developer one.

Gonna do the newspaper next; it's from last thursday, and there are a couple of things that might be interesting in there; I need to revisit the adverts, figure if I can do them, and write applications for the ones I can.

This is hard work :-(

I really need to get on with the website for Air Creations at some point too... I have lots to get done:
  • StyleSheet support for non-MS browsers needs to be created; the site is having multiple StyleSheets *anyway*, and since MS-browsers seem to handle positioning entirely differently to the rest of the world (ie, Mozilla/Netscape and Opera, oh and Amaya from the W3C which is even more different), I need to sort out the site under the Gecko engine and then have a style-loader script in place for OnLoad

  • I have this nifty idea for graphical browser accessibility, where the text and background on every page of the site can be set, in a sort-of Control Panel, to display in a user-defined colour-scheme, over-riding my design. I have JavaScript control of some of the StyleSheet stuff working, but I need to work out how to make the rest of it work. I then need to add in a Cookie to store the settings and another script that sets up the per-page Style based on that Cookie.

  • I have a navigation tool to create. This is going to be JavaScript, using Style to hide various aspects, with a bit of PHP on the server-side to seed the script with it's current location in the navigation tree.

  • I also have content pages to write, but I want to get as much technical stuff out of the way as I can.
I have other stuff I want to get on with as well, most notably the SiteWrite program, or rather the Perl version of the SiteWrite program, so I can finally get it up-and-running in my Chiark webspace and I have a Grand Plan for a content-management-system writting in PHP, using MySQL as a backend and having a nifty Java administration suite that will communicate with the server-side admin interface using it's own internal encryption.

There *is* a reason for implementing encryption instead of using HTTPS; basically the hosting package for Air Creations doesn't carry HTTPS, but does carry everything else I'm likely to need for that site, and to upgrade to the package that *has* got HTTPS is about 10 pounds a month... you get shopping carts and more bandwidth and server-space for that, but they aren't necessary, so effectively it would be 10 quid to purchase HTTPS... when i can write a few routines to handle sending and receiving data and simply add an encrypt or decrypt phase to those routines... the encryption handshake is lifted straight out of the way that SSL, and therefore HTTPS, does it *anyway*, so I'm basically gonna have my own Secure Socket Layer, just at a different level of the protocol stack.

So I have all this stuff I need to be working on, I just have to *make* myself do it now...


Note: The above links will almost certainly expire at some point, as they are beyond my control.