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I don't seem to be very good with this updating-LJ thing recently... but then I'm not too good at very much right now... my head isn't in to anything properly... :-(

I had a couple of good days of coding this week... the PHP thing I started now works how it's supposed to at this stage in it's life... there are a few more features to add and a few more bugs to squash, but it's getting to the 'ready' stage... I just need to persuade myself to do some more on it...

My parents now have a network socket downstairs, so my dad can use his laptop on the ADSL... so *that* particular project is now closed :-)

And I've finished putting in the plants now... there's a tray of lavender's left, but they are waiting to see if the patio idea comes of anything, cos they're supposed to be going along one edge of it if it does...

I've also in the past couple of weeks managed to get so that most of my stuff is out of the way... my bedroom now actually has *space* in it... the stack of 8 boxes that taking up a large amount of floor are now not doing... This poor house is really creaking at the seems though... there's an awful lot in it right now.

Have been helping my mum with stuff for her Brownie pack holiday. It's in a couple of weeks and most of the crafty-'makes' hadn't been tested... well two of them are now done... a Hedwig pencil-topper and a Professor McGonagall, hmm, 'doll' I guess... Still got some plant pots to paint for her though... and the trial ones to do with celestial stencils and silver paint... should be finished tomorrow though I hope.

Still have stuff to buy for Glastonbury, but I'm doing pretty well... most of the biggies are bought, it's just some useful stuff, some toiletries, a few oddments of clothing and the food to get now... i should even have something to take to spend around the site :-)

There's a couple of jobs around that I'm gonna put in for. I just hope I don't get called for interview when I'm away... that'd suk.

And I still need to sort out with the Job Seekers people... but it sounds like since I'm doing voluntary work, I *should* be able to get away without signing off or loosing any benefit... which is *realy* good :-D

I'm not feeling too good in myself... being in this house and not being able to be *me* is starting to drain my reserves... I can feel that i'm hovering close to the edge and i know i've got to be careful not to seriously loose the plot and end up back in a bad depressiony kinda place again. My appetite is shot to pieces... even when I'm actually feeling hungry, like now, I don't feel like eating, and when I *do* eat, i'm making myself do it because i've been through this enough time to know that if i don't force it, i just won't eat. And that's the road to weighing 8 stone and being severely under-nourished and ill. i'm *aware* of where i am and what's going on, so i'm making myself do stuff... but it sure is getting harder to do.

I just hope that glastonbury gives me a chance to get a bit better... being out of this house and stuff... i hope it's enough...

And I hope my hayfever backs off a bit too... i'm sniffly-sneezy-yucky girl atm :-( and the homeopathic tablets aren't really helping yet... have to see how they go... the new 'Neoclarityn' that the doctor gave me instead of old style proper clarityn don't seem to be as effective... i'm actually only just starting on the hayfever now though... i seem to have started very late this year... normally it kicks in just before the exam period... i hope the homeopathics start to get more effective soon... i hate feeling this shit just because of a bit of pollen :-(

well, i'd better go... i have stuff to do and one of those is eat i suppose...