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A bear of very little brain..?

So... today was a very Pooh Bear day... I've spent the wole thing being busy doing nothing :-)

Cept now I'm tired and have nothing to show for it :-(

And i'm tired and a bit achy... that's probably three days of solid garden-related work catching up with me... definitely a lot of fairly hard work... means there (might* be hope of me not dropping dead from exhaustion and unaccustomed exercise at Glastonbury in a month and a half or whatever it is now... need to actually do some real *exercise* <shudders> before that i think...

Anyway... this is, like the rest of my day... entirely meaningless.

I guess I could increase my use of today's meaningful quota by mentioning how I'm quite majorly down about my still-unemployed-ness, or how transition feels a million miles away, or how I seem to not be able to really help the friends who need it... how i only seem to be able to stem the flow for a few brief moments before they are washed away in the never-ceasing currents of their turbulent lives...

But that'd mean i might do something that could be considered real today, and I don't think that will do.