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Well, I've done nothing but geek my day away today!

10Gb across a 10MBits/s network in about 12 hours, plus setting up a nice happy httpd.conf for apache 2 and sorting PHP out so that it works (the docs I was using missed a step out... <grrerrs at the docs-guys>

So now I have a bodged around RHL8 box that needs a few bits more copying off it and I have my mum's PC stuffed almost to the gills with tons of random junk and useful data that I need to sort out, burn to cd where appropriate and generally just work out what the smeg I'm gonna *do* with it all...

Hopefully I should get some of it sorted tomorrow. I know what about 3/4s of it is and what needs doing with it... 4.8Gb or so just needs checking over to make sure it's already *on* CDs that I know where they are, 1.1Gb or so *definitely* needs to be burnt and another 1.75Gb needs me to hunt around to see if I *have* burnt it.

The over 2.5Gb or whatever needs me to go through in a semi-meticulous way to see what's burnt, what's not and what's pure junk.

I remembered another geek-task that I didn't list yesterday.... I have the Kippax District Guider Registration System to write at some point too... so far I have an empty database, which needs populating and then needs a user interface building, probably in VB (which I'll have to learn to be *able* to write the interface, so it *is* useful to me...)

Anyway.... GLibC2.3 is nearly downloaded, so I'd best get off and see if I can get the errata versions of Apache2 and PHP4 running with it.