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GeekGIrl is still at it!

So, now I'm working on backing up the Linux back across the LAn via Samba.

The reason?

Cos it's a *mess*... she was origianlly a sort of CD server, and I'm not using her for that anymore, so I've got all these partitions that were of very specific sizes that are not of no real use... they're either *way* too big (7Gb) or too small (128Mb).

RedHat 8 uses a *lot* of system type disk space, the /usr partition is *way* too small, and it's got too many over partitions crowded around it that have data on them.

And the system is in a state anyway. I had a run of screwing around with stuff, and breaking it quite severely in a few cases. For example, I currently have no off-box telnet, apache and a few others, but it works fine locally. Now this *could* be down to changing the system IP address and not bothering to change anything else, but I simply can't be fagged to sort her out.

It's time for a clean box.

And it's time I finally sat down and *planned* a Linux install instead of just pushing tonnes of stuff on the system and never using most of it.

I don't want postgresql anymore, i do want MySQL. I wanna try make Oracle 8i work, or possibly the full copy of Oracle 8 I think I may still have lyng around on CD. I want to sort out various webby things on the box, and I would like to get ShoutCast set up nicely, so I can have a streaming MP3 server to the LAN.

I obviously still need the DNS server, SendMail and some other stuff (i know I could get away with a different MTA, but I have this big thick sendmail o'reilly book just *begging* me to play with it ;-))

So that's one of my pending projects...

The current list of outstanding geekdom projects is:
1) PHP webiste rehosting program
2) A piece of perl I started ages ago to process a remote site and retrieve useful stuff
3) The Linux FireWall From Sources that I started and haven't picked back up since I got back from Bristol
4) My Purple Pages website
5) A new Unified Links website that I had nice ideas for and would like to play with
6) Reinstall of Linux box
7) Upgrade/Reinstall of FirstClass so that I can run FC7 instead of FC5 or 6 (whichever it is that I have) on the PDC

Ouch... there's more than even I expected. Damn this stupid head of mine that likes to have lots of things to think about and hates to focus on just one :-(

Oh well. I'm gonna feck off and copy some more stuff across



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4th May, 2003 08:20 (UTC)
Hi Sweetie.
I just upgraded to Red Hat 9.
I really like it.

Also, I have to apologize.
I have not been in contact with you and I am so very very sorry for that.
Please forgive me.
I really want to talk to you and see how you're doing

4th May, 2003 14:46 (UTC)

Hi hunny!!!!

<bounces around the room!>

RHL9 is a little beyond me atm... i'm stuck on a modem... and i'm broke, so i can't buy a CD set and I *really* can't download it... :-( I don't have *that* kind of patience ;-)

Spent today dragging 10Gb of data across a 10MBit/s network link so that I can put a fully clean RHL8 on my Linux box... one day I'll invest in a DDS DAT-Drive or maybe a DLT, cos they just *look* cool... It's taken about 12 hours, althugh I've been playing with sorting out Apache 2's config and getting PHP up and running too... just to see if I could... ah, a truly fun geek-day :-)

Please don't feel bad over not getting in touch... I went through a brief "eep, what'd'i' do?!?" phase, but I know you're busy and I know you have a life and stuff... ok, that doesn't sound how it's meant to... it's *supposed* to sound reassuring :-( Damn my pathetic english... *anyway* I'm glad you've gotten in touch, makes me feel nice and it pretty much wipes any metaphorical slates entirely clean :-)

I'm doing pretty good. I'm starting to get a bit of a clue, although I'm still at the "OMG this is gonna cost *so* much" stage....
4th May, 2003 14:55 (UTC)
Well, if you need things I can mail them to you.
Such as Red Hat Linux 9
or FreeBSD 5.0

just let me know
4th May, 2003 15:05 (UTC)
Not sure how much that'd cost hunny.... transatlantic post is probably costly...

hmm.. BSD... hmmm.... *no*... I don't have a machine for it... *behave* you *silly* brain!

I'm *supposed* to be geting ADSL soon... actuall, no, I should *have* ADSL... my dad's been paying for it for ages... like an idiot, cos we don't have the hardware... the modem/router/nat gizmo is *still* not back... from getting looked at... I need to chase it up. I'll download it as soon as the magic box arrives (and I can get the dumb-assed Virtual Circuit info out of british telecom, who *suk*, but we don't have any other options :-(

But *thankyou*!!! it's a really sweet offer hun :-)

( 4 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )