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GeekGirl Strikes Back!

So... been playing recently... sorting stuff out... I *love* it when my network actually hangs together something like it's supposed to! :-)

So, first prob was with the PDC. She's not been up in a *long* while (we're talking since I shuffled the machines around back in the house in, oh, November or something... there's a pic of them all in the mid-shuffle state on my website somewhere that probably has the date on it). Anyway, turned her on yesterday and much weirdness was displayed, basically, she'd lost her PDC-ness and refused to re-aquire[sp] it... Promote to Primary in Server Manager was tried, oh, about 10 times before I gave up on *that* idea... so I've spent the last hour restarting her about 6 times so that I can go through the process of rename the machine and domain, then rename the domain back, then find i can't rename the machine back cos apparently one already has that name, then removing all traces of everything old from the WINS server setup, then finally renaming the PDC back to her real name, then sorting WINS back out again.

Then I had to add in one of the machines because it wasn't part of the domain, only a workgroup.

But sorting out the PDC-ness has sorted out the Samba server on the Linux box too, so *that's* cool... now I have all my mp3s available :-)

[edit: no I don't.... there must be more hiding on something else.... they should be on some CDR or other, butI definiitely have some holes... :-( ]

Definitely a good day of geeking.

Have found a pretty good laptop deal for my dad too... 2GHz Athlon, 256Mb, 20Gb HDD, DVD-CDRW, 56k modem and 10/1000 network, an internal floppy, ATI Radeon graphics and even a 15inch display for about £850 INCLUDING VAT!!!! And an extended warranty of only £116 inc VAT bringing the machine out at less than a thousand quid... which is what he wanted.

Definitley one of those I *rok* moments!

The machine is a Fujitsu-Siemens one... an Amilo A coming out at £844.82 including VAT from dabs.com. There'll be a delivery charge I *guess*, but it is still less than a grand :-D

I g2g... getting hungry, and I wanna think up some more geekdom to entertain me!



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3rd May, 2003 12:50 (UTC)
well doesn't THAT song bring back memories?
3rd May, 2003 15:23 (UTC)
A few, yes...

How are you, Miss Emily?
3rd May, 2003 13:42 (UTC)
( 3 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )