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<*yawny> so *tired*....

Was up late last night... didn't get to bed till about 2... chatted with Sarah for a long time. Still not sure we're 100% solid and sorted and stuff, in fact I'm sure we're *not*, but I'm feeling good about us today :-) It's been a *long* time since we talked like that... and it's *always* felt right when we do, like we *can* manage this and that it really will be forever.

Does mean that it was late when I went to bed, and that I didn't want to get up this morning... well, more accurately, I had to really *force* my stupid body to move... and of course, I was running late for the JC, so I had to drive in and use a different carpark to normal... a pay'n'display, which I could, for once, afford out of my purse straight away without needing to go to a shop... which is why i don't normally park there... I might start though... £0.90p for 1 hour, £1.80 for 2 hours... Quarry Hill carpark... it's a slight irritation to get to... the road is a little hidden, but it's *definitely* worth it if I'm not in leeds for all that long... it's almost always got spaces cos it's so annoying to find... and a lot of people think that it was burried when the Kremlin went up... but there is still some parking, and since I usually pay £1.80 for upto 2 hours, and have to walk from the top end to get down to the JC (15 mins walk for me), and this one is literally cross a dual carriageway and your *there*, it's a *damn* good place to park :-)

Very tired still... not woken up properly yet... which is why this is turning into a rambling mess of an entry.

Gonna try work on my PHP thing today. Hannah's gone back down to bristol, so my days are freed back up again.

Gotta do some more laptop deal hunting today... although I think that £850-£900 is *probably* about the norm for a 2GHz/256Mb/20Gb/DVD-CDRW laptop. My dad wants a 3 year warranty, which seems to add £150-£200 to that price.


My navel-piercing is a little unhappy... I haven't been a good girl and kept it clean this past week, and it's a little painful. It's not really looking manky or anything though, and i *did* lay on my stomach for about 3 hours last night talkng to Sarah, so it's gonna be sore... it *is* red around the piercing site, but no more than I'd expect... it's gonna take a while to heal as it's a proper skin piercing, and my other two, lip and tongue, are both more soft-tissue piercings, so they heal much faster... the tongue being fastest of all as it's purely soft tissue.... gonna start taking proper care of it again... saline soak twice a day for a bit, then back onto once before bedtime... see if i can get it to be nice again.

Gonna go, see if I can get my PHP thingy working to actually display the resited sites... shouldn't be *too* complicated this bit... I have my algorithm worked out, so I just need to code it... basically the webpage is a nice big string, and the program:
  • goes to each < character, gets the position of the first > after it

  • turns the bit inbetween into another string variable

  • checks for a / at the beginning of the new string, cos I don't need to process closing tags (i *might* scrap that check though, cos I think the rest of it might cover it...)

  • if there are no space characters in the string, then it's a 'short-tag', that is, there are no tag attributes, like in <strong> or it's a closing-tag, ie </a> (OK, I need to test if close-tags can have spaces in them... like </ a> or < /a> and any other combos... ). There can't be a url in the tag as it's got no attributes, so we stop processing it and move on

  • If there are attributes, we work out the kind of tag we're in (read from start-of-string to the first space character. The tag type is used to send us into code that handles the specific type of attribute, so an src might be handled differently to an href

  • We loop through this until we're at end-of-string. Output from all the loop processing goes into a new string, which is eventually printed to the user as the re-written webpage

Sounds quite easy when you see it like that... the annoying parts are probably gonna be the attribute-processing bits.

OK, I'm gonna go. The postman just sropped a nummy new skirt through my door and i'm gonna try it on... cutesy fairly short, stonewash denim with no hem at the bottom so it looks frayed :-) Nice for 9 quid :-)

Sarah, this is another track on that list from last night...


( 2 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )
2nd May, 2003 05:49 (UTC)
I Love You Silly Girl. And I Really Hope Things Can Be Solid And Straight For Us.


-Runs A Hand Up That Skirt- ;)

XoXo <33
2nd May, 2003 15:44 (UTC)
<blushes and giggles>

and i love you too my angel
( 2 Mobwebs — Spin A Cobweb )