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Doctors and stuff

Well, I went to the doctors today. I now have an official note in my GP notes stating that "He has decided to change his gender." (that's the doc's words, not mine)... It seems that my GPs aren't bad with this stuff. Having been to a trans-yorks meeting the other night and heard some of the stuff that people have had with their GPs, I'm amazed how easy it was and how well the guy accepted it. There was no hesitation in offering to support etc. I actually knew more than the doc about the stuff... even that the NHS do handle a few cases and that Leeds has a gender clinic... he didn't know that, but he is happy to do anything that I need, from referring me if that's necessary, to doing blood pressure and blood tests. Definitely a *good* start to the day.

Went to the cinema, well, the multiplex thing anyway... saw X2... which is pretty cool, but then I always *did* like wolverine, and he gets a pretty neat fight-scene :-) and of course Rogue is still cute and Storm still looks dangerously good... <sigh> <jealous>.

Been having a 'plaits' thing going on recently... plaited, i dunno, pigtails i guess. Having someone around who will do stuff like that is nice. Hannah being up to stay in Leeds for a week as a pre-exam de-stress has been helpful. There is no way I would've gone to Trans-Yorks or the docs without a friend to support me in doing it. I'd've bolted even if i'd worked up the courage to go in the first place. Annoyingly, she won't teach me how to put plaits *in*... so I guess I'll have to work it out for myself :-(

Finally gave Stephi the frog beanie I bought her months back when i was poking around in Glastonbury... damn, must've been february or something when I was there... ouch.

My dad's laptop is not happy... problems with the interal power connection... Dell told him it was the power supply that was broken. They were wrong. I was right <smug>... he's expected to pay £500 for a new motherboard as the power connector is integral to that... not good... he's looking at getting a new one. There's some nice stuff around for about £850... and his is 3 years old and is a 600MHz... ATM, the best deal is either a Dell 2GHz-Celeron or an HP 1800+(1.53GHz)-Athlon, but I need to look a *lot* more yet.... But what it *does* mean is that if he *does* replace the machine, I get to play with the old one... see if I can work out a hardware-mod to get around the fault... change the connector or resolder it or something... and if *that* works, I just got me a 600MHz laptop to play with... I'm thinking dual-boot Linux and W2K :-)


1st May, 2003 11:08 (UTC)
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