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Not a bad day I guess.

Getting up in a morning is getting worse, but I stayed up late and watched Priscilla until gone 4am, so i suppose I should expect that....

Fairly successful PHP day... I now have my sitewrite program outputting the original page, which sounds like I'm acheiving nothing, but is in fact a huge amount of work, checking parameters, getting the settings from the settings file and sorting out the value of those parameters and settings. The code if now in v0.3, contains 729 lines including comments, and takes up 25.7k on a DOS system (would be less on unix due to not having all those yucky carriage-returns tagged onto the newline characters).

The next lump of coding will produce v0.4 and will make it so that the page is modified with sitewrite referencing URLs where necessary (links to HTML files) and direct-access URLs where they're not (images, stylesheets, scripts, and basically everything that's not HTML). I'm expecting this to get quite large, although I *am* gonna try code it in as small an amount of code as I can.

Then I get to implement the SmartLinks feature in 0.5 so that I can link two sitewrite sites together when that is appropriate (I have a website and an intranet that link to each other, and being able to tell them to link together using sitewrite is just *neat* :-)

All in all, I'm quite pleased with myself so far.

And PHP is kinda *easy*... atleast for this stock processing stuff... One day I'll get a MySQL database up and play with *that* style of PHP programming and see if thats as easy as what I've been doing so far... I *hope* so..!