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Well, it's been over thirteen hours since i spoke to you angel. I've been on and off during the day, and you've not been online. I'm kinda hoping you got some sleep.... even if only a little.

i got a few hours, then tried to write code... it just wasn't happening, so i've been playing around with my guitar... playing with bits of tablature i found on the net.... Skunk Anansie, Led Zepp and a couple of others...

Apart from that, i've done very little today.... it's just kinda slipped me by... i don't know where the hours went.

And now you're online!!!! :-)

!yay! <kiss>

Now i can chat with you for an ikle bit before i go to sleep. rounds my day off in the best way possible :-)

So i'm gonna do that now... chat with you that is.....


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