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I'm reading ppl's journals and the so-called "war" is everywhere.

Points I've seen raised to validate this action?

if you really want to read my rantings.... I'm gonna pick three... just cos they rankle.

OK, first up; "Saddam invaded Kuwait for no reason". I'll give you a reason straight away. Oil. Poorly defended country with large oil reserves next to bigger country with a Western-supplied arsenal and *huge* debts to those Western powers that sold them in the first place so that aforementioned country could fight a war against Iran. It's almost like giving someone a shotgun, a whole crate of shells and total impunity... The chances are, they'll try it eventually....

Second; "Saddam broke the disarmament conditions". True. I'll give you that. But let's face it, if you are one of the most hated countries on the planet, which is atleast the politcal image painted by the West, you're not gonna want to be sat with your land undefended. Not justification, again, I agree, but you should atleast look at it from both sides...

Finally; "Saddam needs to be removed from power". Too damn right. I agree *TOTALLY* with this. But Saddam could *easily* have been removed from power in the first Gulf conflict, with the full backing of the Arab leaders *and* the majority of his people who had just suffered through a war because of him. But instead, the operation is cancelled, everyone goes home and we draw up an agreement that, lets face it, no sensible sovereign state is ever going to stick to if they are allowed an inch of leeway.

There should never have been a *question* of Saddam ejecting weapon's inspectors. There should have been UN forces, and I don't mean peace-keepers, I mean fully ready frontline forces, camped throughout and they should've taken Iraq to pieces to find these weapons.

They didn't.

George Bush Senior didn't.

So now George Bush Junior gets to repeat daddy's little war with even better bombs and stuff.

And so where in this stupid mess, where, let's face it, if you've *got* WOMD, you're gonna wanna *use* them.

I'm probably sounding ambyguous over this whole thing.

That's because I am.

I agree in the removal of Saddam and his party from power. I agree that this is a *highly* desireable outcome. I DON'T agree with the means employed to attain this outcome.

No party involved has any moral or ethical reasoning behing it's involvement in this. America and Britain are two of the biggest arms-dealers on the planet. They fucked up right royally in backing Saddam against Iran and leaving him with all these toys that said "this + this + this => WOMD, !yay!".... And now they're running scared that he *has* developed the technology they sold him in the first place to the point where he could potentially threaten them in some way.

In addition, they botched the last attempt at "cleaning up" Iraq, and guess what, the guy came back and he's *still* pissing everyone off... can you say ,*DURR*????

OK, I'm stopping here. I'm stating to get angry, annoyed and upset over this whole stupid mess.

My summary?

This should never have even been possible. It should have been finished the first time round. And then the Powers involved should've put the country to rights with a democratically elected leadership and *some*, but *minimal* supervision, just to ensure that no-one can pull of a coup or anything.

The people of that country, instead, have had no aid and no refuge from what they've been through. Baghdad is hardly a city reborn for the new millenium. And now it's burning once more. And the people are left to suffer as "acceptable collateral".

War is bullshit. Invasion to cover up previous mistakes is worse.