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8th Mar, 2003

I had a slight re-think on the firewall... not like i'm gonna scrap the idea or anything, just that I'm gonna modify my approach a bit.

OK, the old plan was to build everything on the box and somehow get it there using floppies to start with and then the network....


I figured a better way.

The new plan is:

Install a basic RedHat 8.0 distribution... just enough to compile stuff, like a kernel. This installation will share a /usr/src partition with the actual firewall... as well as having the root directory of the firewall mounted on /home/fw, which means I can build stuff using one configuration and copy it to the other configuration's directory structure.

Basically, no floppies involved except for a few boot disks :-)

I'm now installing RHL8 via HTTP across the switch part of the IP55 cos it's 100mbit/s and my hub is only 10...

Once this is done, I'll see if I can build a kernel and start setting up a root filesystem.

Another nice thing about doing it this way is that I can ust 'borrow' the RHL /dev tree... always handy... no mknod-ing! :-)