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8th Mar, 2003

Having much mental weirdness recently.

I think my depression is coming back on. I'm getting more moody, definite *swinging* going on now :-(

I don't think being here is helping. This house is not exactly a happy place. I hope I can get out of here soon.

I can't get in touch with stephi... this is also getting me down quite considerably.

And i'm starting to doubt friendships left right and centre, hers included.

Rationally, I know that that (especially that particular one) is really silly, but I can't help it. I realise things and I manage to see them in a negative spin... I don't like this.


I'm sleeping oddly aswell.. I don't get to sleep till late and I consequently wake up late...

I can feel my grip on reality slowly starting to loosen. I'm fading away again and my friends feel like their a million miles away.