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16.... Short entry...

Can't be a long one... too tired.

After i went to bed, i couldn't sleep... couldn't stop worrying about sarah... i got sick of lying there at 8.. so i got up

she was online!

she's ok!

<*major* happy :-) >

She's not good, which is totally understandable, but she's alive so i'm like, releived and stuff...

Anyway, i wanted to talk properly, so i phoned and we chatted for a couple of hours... and yes, that's gonna cost, but *damnit* somethings are just **important***.... that was one of them.

hey, i may even have not done bad... i don't think i made anything worse, at any rate.. i think i might even have cheered her up a little, if only for a short while.

course, i'm like, *way* tired... i can't stop yawning.

i'm going to bed, i just thought i'd write this first, quickly and stuff.

oh, and to whom it may concern, it is favour and colour, the characted Z is pronounced zed, not zee... customise and prioritise are not spelt customize and prioritize, potato chips are not called chips, they are pototo crisps, chips are like french-fries, but chunkier. So :-p

Sarah, i love you, my Gothic Angel. And i can't tell you how happy i am that you're 'ok'... i don't know what i would have done without you. you make me feel real, wanted and loved. i don't know anyone who makes me feel like you do.

I love you

   *   G