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<giggle> Return of the Geek :-)

So... now that things are a little more unpacked and I'm a bit more settled and it looks as though I may be able to get this ADSL thingy up some time soon, I thought I'd start thinking about getting my IBM PC330 up and running as the Linux Firewall it's always wanted to be ;-)

What does this entail?

The box is quite a low spec system... Pentium 133, with 32Mb RAM and 2.5Gb HDD (I *think*... can't quite remember off the top of my head). Strictly speaking, it's got three network cards in it, a nice new PCI SMC-1244TX or SMC-1255TX (and that difference of 11 makes a *load* of difference to the driver....), a 3COM ISA 3c509B-combo and a TokenRing card that came with the machine that I'm keeping cos I'm an Old Hardware Junky.... :-)

So a standard distribution, while it'll run, won't be all that fast...

Which means that a *lot* of customisation has to occur.


I can do what I kinda always planned to do all along...

Build a Linux system from scratch.

That means compiling the exact stuff I need on the box specifically for what I want...
  • A custom kernel built to be as small as possible, with no extraneous crap, most likely built as a monolith instead of using modulesThe smallest set of daemons I can get away with
  • The smallest number of library files I can manage
  • Tools for setting up IP Tables
  • LiLo

Not that hard disk space is at *that* much of premium, I installed a fairly large proportion of RHL8 easily enough... and it runs happily enough too, I just want to keep things small, and hopefully fast.

Now this is where I hit a problem... I *swear* I've seen a piece of Linux documentation sometime in the past called something like "Linux Router on a Floppy". This document was where I was going to start with my setup. I can't find it. It's not a howto or a mini-howto or an unsupported one... it's not an old one either.. its not on the docs disks for RedHat 8, 7, 6 or 5, nor is it on a SunSite mirror CD from 1998... (I have some odd old CDs lying around...).

So now I get the fun of working out how to install Linux... well, *any* OS onto a PC without any tools to do the job... well, no, that's not *quite* accurate... with only the tools I can squeeze onto a boot disk and possibly a RAM-disk to do the job... atleast there's a Boot Disk HOWTO still...

And you know what?

I can't wait... :-D

My inner Geek is *SO* looking forward to playing with this...

OK, I *think* that I remember there being a rescue boot+root disk mentioned someplace... that could be a good thing to start with... now *which* of the many HOWTOs I've looked at tonight did I see *that* in...?