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Weeeeellll.... the Move is over... which is good... but now I'm in the Aftermath of the Move.... which isn't....

I've been here about a week now, as in actually *here* and not back in Bristol sorting out the rest of my stuff and ending stuff like the contract on the house.

I still have boxes of stuff to go through.... five of them... yesterday saw me (finally) get my suitcases all finally unpacked... i'd done two, but the other two I put off cos I scrwed my back up *big* time the other day and it's taken three days to ease off to the point of not mini-wincing every time I move in most directions... It's still not right, but it's down to Dull Ache With Occassional Searing Agony level... <shrug> I'm sure it'll be better in a few more days....

I got all the computers in and sorted within about 36 hours of getting here last week. So now my sister's old bedroom looks the least like her room it's looked ever. It's quite strange sitting in here though with a load of machines and desks and not her cabin bed... I'm still getting used to being in this place for a long period of time without her. Delayed greiving thing I guess... maybe I'll come out of this better for it <shrug> right now, I don't know.

I'm on a modem again... which is bad having had cable-internet for nearly a year... it's very *VERY* annoying waiting for tiny things to download that would've been intantaneous on the cable... 10k files shouldn't take 10 seconds, they should just pop-up as done.... :-(

Still, I'm working on sorting out ADSL... which'll be nice.

It's not going too well though so far... My dad bought a Nokia IP55 integrated ethernet-switch/nat-router/adsl-modem to hook up, which is great in theory... and we got it cheap from eBay, also good. Except now I'm not getting much out of it and I get an error on the console stating "-> Bad code."... still, I contacted the tech support at the place who sold it and they atleast responded, so it's plausible I might get some support out of them...

I have a feeling i bolloxed it up in the first place, cos I have had a lot more out of it than i'm getting now.... my *guess* is that I managed to invoke the X-Modem uploader and that it's erased something in order to retreive that X-Modemmed file... I managed to catch the space bar and it stuck (it's an *od* powerbook with a slightly screwed keyboard that I was using)... so that is my guess as to what is the bad code.... a truncated config or kernel file...

[edit: this section now carries a RANT WARNING!]

So why did we buy an ethernet-switch/nat-router/adsl-modem??? Well.... BT don't do a home kit for networking that doesn't involve using <cough> wireless...

i mean, *fuck* that for a game of soldiers... I am *not* buying wireless cards for my systems... do they even *MAKE* wireless for Sun or SGI hardware? I *very* much doubt it... and the business package to get an ethernet-switch/router/adsl-modem gizmo was *extortion* itself.

That's without thinking about the fun of security on wireless... especially as their box uses DHCP on the "LAN"... I don't wanna be providing internet for half my neighbours, *thankyou*....

And the cheap option with ADSL? Well *that* uses USB... which is just *so* clever. Hello fuckwits.. some of us don't have USB on our computers... I have one machine with USB... it's got a camera hooked up to it and it's W2K. I don't want to have to work out how to make W2Kpro do NAT and routing via USB... its just a stupid scenario especially on a 450MHz system. Especially when the nice Motorola Cable Modem I had (which I hasten to add never cost me a penny, unlike the stuff from BT - I mean, what am I gonna do with an ADSL modem if I'm not hooked up to BT? *nothing* cos no-one else I know of provides ADSL services.... I might as well be able to give the dumb thing back to them).. anyway... the Motorola Cable Modem had both a USB port and an Ethernet port. Now doesn't that make a little more sense? I mean, then you just buy a Belkin NAT router for 50 quid and you have a LAN on the Net... hardly difficult.

I *loathe* BT these days... they have to be the crappest, least customer friendly comms company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with... and that includes Telewest how can be useless when they feel like it.... and BT're probably the most inept as well; my dad asked when he first ordered the ADSL for the Home Network kit that they say they do (that's the wireless one btw) because he already had a home LAN and wanted to put it on ADSL. They sent him a USB single user ADSL modem.... having told him it would suit his needs no problem.... *fuckwits*!


On a cheerier note; my *nummy* dress from Drac-In-A-Box turned up at the end of last week :-) See here and here for piccies of it... BTW: the second link is linked off the first page.... I'm now waiting on a pair of boots to turn up from them too.... those are these... also nummy.. black shiny ones too :-D

I've gotta get on... gonna try get one of these remiaining boxes emptied, maybe two before I go to bed tonight... Gotta get up tomorrow and go into Leeds... need to sort out my benefit so I can sign-on here instead of in Bristol.... Gonna *try* and organise to meet up with Stephi too... cos that'll be nice :-)