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I wish they'd drop the terrorism line from all these news reports... just because it had an Israeli on board and 9/11, we get all this stuff when people left, right and centre are stating that it's NOT a terrorist act... you simply couldn't hit the shuttle with a missile, you'd either have to have a bomb onboard or have undone all the bolts holding her together....

A bomb would cause an explosion and an explosion would throw out debris in all directions... and Columbia is breaking up along a single path, atleast until the final disintegration, which would suggest that the disintegration got to a point where something explosive, a fuel-cell for example, disintegrated... but she was well beyond recovery at that point.

So that leaves the possiblity that every single technician working on Columbia pre-flight was a terrorist and was pulling bolts out all day long... I'm fairly sure that there would be *some* security in place to prevent that............