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Hmm, it's 4am... i tried again at about 2:30, which i guess i 9:30pm where i'm phoning to... this is doing my head in. i have no idea what's going on with my baby and i'm *scared*.

i've been hanging around, hoping she'll come online... hanging around and playing with the Journal format.... i even created my very own pentagram background... from scratch... by hand, with a little help from the folters, etc. in Paint Shop Pro..... cute, isn't it?

Sarah, if you're reading this, and you've spotted the change... please don't be mad. I love the PPG format to bits, and when i know you're ok, I'll probably put it back up... i have all the info i need to do that... i just don't feel all PPG-happy-cheery atm.. black and purple is more my mood atm....

i can't stay awake any longer, i'm falling asleep as i type.. it's obvious to me as i actually press the keys... cos what i intend to come out isn't doing... it's quite often a few characters up or down the keyboard... this is *bad*.....

Angel, if you read this before you go to bed, goodnight my wonderful, beautiful you.

I love you.

<blows kiss>