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24th Jan, 2003

Meaningless shards,
Of a fatal personality,
An inward facing disregard,
For my own life.

I've cowered too long,
Behind the twisted words,
Of someone trying to hide,
My self.

I sicken myself,
With my pathetic need,
To fulfil the image of me,
Held by another.

I am myself,
I am tired of the hidden me,
I am exhausted by the constant need,
To bury myself within my words.

Drained, distraut, disaffected,
I stare into the abyss my soul has become,
And catch a disparate glimpse,
Of who I am.

I am afraid,
I am scared of my persona,
I am not what I portray each day,
I am more,
I am finally realising,
I am beyond the pitiful fragment,
And I am free.