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21st Jan, 2003

If you're in a resolution lower than 1024x768, this'll not run right on screen from my journal proper... click here to see it easier....

My words reach nowhere in this disenfranchised world,
I try touch touch your feelings, but they skip beyong compare,
Your utter disaffection for the strength I try to bear,
And your interminably tortured mind brings pain to fore, despair.

Incalculated disparity of a soul too torn to bleed,
Intolerable mindset, attitude, in everyday retreat,
Do my words find a home within you, do they flicker cross your heart,
Or fade into your depression, meaningless, apart?

Hopeless approach to a hopeful situation,
Disattracted feelings over initial rejection,
Incomplex tangle of thought, word, deed and aim,
Resolute antogony, you never want to tame.

Words echo hollow,
I speak and here the same,
Will you ever follow,
Your own advice to me?
Divergant paths before you,
Your life spelled out in vain,
Will you take the easy, tortured route,
Or fight through life's refrain?