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Tired, sleepy, painting hard work in a hurry, need to go sleep, bed calling, so comfy

My dad is down. We're painting prior to my imminent leaving of this place.

Done more than half the walls, 2 coats, in the big downstairs room, one long wall left to do 2 coats on... and the woodwork to gloss, then that one is done.

Next it's the large upstairs bedroom... all walls to paint 2 coats, but only a bit of woodword to do...

Its quite good fun painting, but hard on the arms... and 9 hours of it is definitely tiring... tomorrow shouldn't be so long a day as we can only do the downstairs work... we need to move all the downstairs furniture that is currently in the upstairs room, back downstairs, and we can't do that past the wet wooodwork on the doorframe....

I'm gonna go sleep now... this is starting to get a little painful as my arms un-stiffen...