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If I wished for death,
You'd frown and say,
You want my life,
You need me to stay.

If I wished for solitude,
You'd be hurt and sad,
You'd say to be alone,
Is really very bad.

If I wished for escape,
You'd want to know why
You'd stomp your foot,
Scream, pout and cry.

If I wished for silence,
You'd want to make sound,
You'd try really hard,
To bring me around.

But I wish for you happiness,
You can't say or do,
A thing to influence,
How I feel for you,
But it can not be,
Your needs are too great,
The distance too far,
Together'd be too late,
So I fade into friendship,
I step out of the light,
That your love cast round me,
And return unto Night.