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I don't know what to do...

i don't know who to get in touch with her... i don't even know where she *is*...

and is she really gonna wanna talk to me at the moment? i doubt it... what can i do except make things worse?

if i phone the number we talked on the other night, she may not be there...

i emailled her, but if she's not on msn messenger, she probably doesn't know she received it... i can't see her checkng her mail right now.......

why didn't i go online earlier... maybe she was on?

Goddess, please protect her? i love her too much to loose her.

Angel, if you're up to it, please let me know you're ok?

well, not ok, but you know what i mean.

damn. what the hell am i supposed to say here? everything i've said sounds so self-centred and stupid. i just want to hold you. i just wanna be there for you. and i don't know how.