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Well, it's been a weekend of changing plans.

First change, the original 'tell my mum saturday' plan fizzled... two problems.. the first was the the family dinner we were having friday turned into lunch on saturday... the second was that I wasn't really 100% happy with what I'd written.

The second change was that, with some help from a certain ambiguous friend, the original 9½ pages has been somewhat reduced and made quite a lot less, um, 'in yer face...'

The third change is that Sarah has asked me not to tell my parents about her just yet. While that does affect me, it also affects us, so I am complying with her wishes... it means that they only have to deal with stuff about me, so in some ways I figure it's better...

Of course the original four things, now the revised three things, don't cover everything that I really should tell them... Paganism, witchcraft, etc, they don't know about... and even though I can tell them straight off the top of my head when the solstice occurs, they haven't figured it out... even though I've been wearing a pentagram around my neck for the last couple of years....

I figure I'll hit them with some more stuff in a while when the dust settles... if they still want to know that is.................

The calorie control thing may have slightly lost the plot this weekend... too many drinks and quite a bit too much food... a pub lunch, a gammon joint for lunch today, plus a choir xmas do tonight (although I was quite restrained at that, I still must have gotten up to atleast 1000 cals including a couple of jars)... I think I may still have managed to remain under the 2250 cals that is my 'maintain your weight' intake.

Gonna take it easy on the food side for a few days... try stick to something like 1200 a day... cos xmas dinner sounds like it's gonna be *big*... my aunt is like that...

Hehe... nice pictures of my angel yesterday night... <grin> too cute... really *far* too cute... :-)

I'm gonna get off... need to get up and see my mum before she does too much tomorrow, which means getting up at around 8.