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well that was a crappy day...

Oh well, this bit of it is kinda nice... i'm shnuggled up in my duvet, with incense burning and a ring of candles... mmm!

I'm still seriously thinking of sleeping in a nice safe Circle tonight though.... i came up with a 'keep me safe' ritual for casting a slightly different circle than normal quite a while ago... one that protects the occupant from whats inside the circle (and therefore themselves) as well as what's outside... sounds a bit like a cop-out i'm sure to some people... whereas i tend to go with the 'better safe than sorry' approach... and in that case, every little helps. Probably sounds like total bull to quite a few people too... circles..? wtf? yes?

oh well, atleast i'm calmer now... slightly more mellow. Depressed, but mellow instead of depressed, angstful and teary-eyed... although the latter of those keeps threatening to come back.

Tomorrow is another day, as they say... and things'll look different in the morning... but will it be better, or worse, than today..? Guess I might find out.

Till then, sleep in the arms of the Goddess.

Blessèd be