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Well, i've just been reading my Angel's journal since she's not online.

i don't know what to say.

i feel utterly wretched that i can't be there for her... *damnit* i need to be there. any force on this planet or beyond that can accomplish that, then go ahead. take my life, take my future, but for pity's sake, give me this? let me hold her? let me..?

i don't think i've ever felt this far from her. not even close. 6 thousand miles or whatever it is, it might as well be the other side of the universe.

angel, if you read this, please don't leave me.

i know you're hurting beyond all hope of understanding. and i guess you probably want *out*...

please remember that their are people out here who care a great deal about you and who love you very much.

i hope i see you online soon.

all my love

your odd little english 'girl', Jonathan.

and to Alex, even though we've never met, and i don't think we've ever spoken online even, be in Peace and walk in Grace.

May the Goddess protect you all