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Well, i did a job app yesterday and a bit of today... took *ages*.. i hate those forms... please tell us how you fulfil the person specification... *yuck*... look fuckers, I can do the stupid job, now give me it.

This one is a programmer/analyst for Leeds Metropolitan University... It doesn't sound particularly taxing... the Oracle experience is a bit of a blag on my part... I did use oracle development stuff in my first year, but that's like, 7 years ago now... still, it can't be that difficult...

I have three more applications to do... one to York University, one to Cambridge University and one to Southampton University.

I *really* want the Cambridge post... it sounds really good... like it'll be fun, intersting and productive... the York one I'm pushing, they want a 1st class degree and I don't have one... but I maintain (when I'm not being utterly self-hating) that I didn't get a first because of depression, not cos I'm fuckin' shit... and the Southampton one is less intersting, but it's a job...

On other fronts, I *finally* got my JobSeekers Allowance sorted... and will be getting a nice bank deposit of £590 sometime in the next few days... which'll get my overdraft back inside the realms of acceptability and give me a chance to replace a few bits and bobs that are seriously wearing out, like my fairly ancient Doc Martens... I'm *SO* tempted to get the 20 eyelet pair I saw the other day... although i haven't a *clue* how much they were...

And finally, the Enigma Machine is progressing... the RotorBay now almost works... it correctly enciphers the first character, but I've messed up something in the mathematics involved with rotating the rotors on each keypress. Once I have *that* sorted, I can write the plug-board class and tie them all together in a nice command-line EnigmaMachine program. Then it's GUI time... my first Java GUI... AWT and things... hmm.... can't decide if I'm impressed at that idea or not... ;-)

Oh well... t'is late and I hear the night-elves calling my to faeire land....

To an Angel... Nighty night.. I miss you... email me your good news that you mentioned in your email? It'll make my day.