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Urk... I had an entry and damned LJ ate it :-(


Crap day.

All *sorts* of fun with the cable... tv, phone and Net access all dead for most of the day.... not good :-(

Comes back to my ex, who has the cable bill in her name still... she didn't pay one, even though I'd given her a cheque for most of it... so I refused to take the responsibilty on... i'm not inheritting an overdrawn account...

Well, she didn't pay the next one either... and i'd given her the cheque for my part of it again... so that's £105 or so that she'd got and not paid the bill with... plus about £20 of stuff that she'd done on the system... pay-to-view movies and some phonecalls.... plus they charged her 10 quid for her direct debit payment failing too....

So, she get a letter from the cable company the other day, and then a red bill saying she had 7 days to sort it out. I told her to phone them and tell them she'd pay them. She didn't phone them.

They cut everything off this morning at 10:30.. or atleast that's when the net died cos I was online...

She's paid it now... cos I used my precious mobile phone credit to chase her... paid other the fone.. and everything's back now.

So we'll see what the next bill says and take it on if the account is properly cleared. Anyway, the next cheque will be payable to Telewest PLC *not* to her... the only reason she's been getting cheques made out to her is cos I thought the direct debit still existed on her bank account, so the money had to be in there.

Had grand plans this morning.. was gonna trawl through a load of agency websites, check they do the kind of work I want and sign up for some... all of which is online stuff to do... so i couldn't... so my day was like, totally fucked... was gonna use the internet access in the library... i shouldn't have to pay as a JobSeeker, even if the general public would.... but when I got there, I found out it closes on Wednesdays....

Further greif later on... I needed some forms photocopied, so i gave hannah the money to do it and asked her to take it into uni and do it there... she went and left it behind. I need it on friday. it's *urgent*. It's to try and sort my benefit's out so i get some god-damn money.

Plus, to pay the cable bill, she's taking back a present she gave me.

So i drove her to take that back, then drove her to uni.

Shes going out tonight.... Rocky Horror.... invited me... it's £12 a ticket... she was gonna buy my ticket to apologise for taking back my present and for cocking up with the bill in the first place.... so that would be £24... add that to the £15 I gave her the other day cos I thought she was broke... and we have more than covered the £34.99 that the present cost... so I'm pissed off at her *again*.

My guess is that that hasn't even occurred to her... so long as she has fun, fuck everyone else and how they might feel...

i *liked* my present.

It was nice.

I don't have it anymore.

She's has a couple of hours of fun instead.

<sarc>yay :-(