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Just a quick entry.

Not sleeping right the last few days... been going to bed *really* early and getting up at like, 4am having been awake for a few hours... last night was the first time i went to bed after 10:30pm for a week.

I have a cold, so my head feels like shit... like someone's bungged up all the holes so the air can't escape properly... too much pressure in there.. it's owwie :-(

On a slightly more positive note, the Enigma machine simulation is starting to go well.. had some fun with arrays as instance variables in Java classes... but i've got that sorted out now - slight re-design, but I'm actually pleased with the results... much neater :-)

I *seem* to have something that approaches an appetite as well... which is both scary and unfortunate... I don't like eating lots... my self "esteem" doesn't get on with that idea... and I *really* can't afford it right now... I'm *scarily* broke right now :~(

G2G... more enigma to write... hopefully get the Rotor superclass finished in an hour or so, then I can move onto the next part... the actual encipher capability. That's where things get, um, *interesting* :-)

Just answered the door... was the parcel man :-)

I *love* getting parcels..! :-)

And i got 2...!!! Woot! Woot! :D

The replacememnt motherboard for my unhappy computer was one of them... So I'll get to take that PC to bits at some point this week.

And the second was some books that my mum's bought me... kinda early yule presents... although I'm sure she'll call them xmas prezzies instead... a book on Asselmbly programming on ix86 and Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson.. lots of *nummy* recipes.. including a *very* dangerous looking chocolate and raspberry pavlova... I *love* cooking desserts and puddings... it's such a comfy thing to make... I mean, I love cooking anyway... I love taking stuff and making nice food from it... but desserts are extra special... and not just cos they're usually sweet and quite often calorie-laden... i think dessert kinda *does* something to you... it's like getting hugged... only on a plate or in a dish...

My main rule for eating is that i don't *do* desserts... they get saved for special occassions and guests... otherwise i'd really be in a mess...

Anyway.. I *am* gonna go... get some more coding done... and I think I've hit the geek-vein again... cos this is actually fun again :-)