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Today was going well... it was officially a Good Day... so why do i feel so crap?

Until about 11:30pm, it was good, i was happy. That always surprises me... happy is something i sometimes don't expect to ever feel again...

so, what happened?

it's only an hour and a half later... and now my mood is in downward-spiral mode...

i'm going to bed in a minute, after i finish writing this.

I'm gonna try something... or atleast, I'm gonna *try* to try something... a kind of, um, daily day-summary....

High point of my day:talking to sarah
Today I acheived: a couple of jobs to apply for
Low point of my day: right now... and i don't know why or what happened
Bad stuff I did today: ate far too many unhealthy things... chocolate cake, ginger cake, pork chops, tons of cheese on toast
On average, today was a: Good Day