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Personal: more Enigma

Damn... I'm a little annoyed at myself...

I've been thinking about this as I lay trying to go to sleep and I've messed up slightly...

OK, the rotor-bay wiring diagram for Enigma is wrong... or rather, it's incomplete....

The diagram shows one power in for the rotor-bay. This is wrong. There are actually 26 power ins for the rotor-bay; there is one power in for each key on the keyboard... and every key on the keyboard is a switch.

The circuit actually goes
 battery(+) - key bus - key switches - rotor bay - plugs- bulbs - battery(-)

The keyboard consists of two elements, an electrical element and a mechanical element. The electical element consists of a positive power bus to all keys and a switch built into each key wired to a rotor bay contact. As the key is pressed, the switch is closed and the power flows through to the rotors, plugs and the relevent 'enciphered' bulb. The mechanical element deals with moving the rotors on a notch.

This is, so far as I've figured, a complete Enigma design.

I'm gonna try come up with a pencil-and-paper way to test it.. .probably using one rotor and a small number of letters.

I should be able to enter text, get a ciphertext, then reset the machine and enter the ciphertext, which should return the original text.

Thats the beauty of Enigma... you encipher something, then reset the machine to its original state and enter the ciphertext, and out comes your original message... magic :-)